Loss-cone instability modulation due to a magnetohydrodynamic sausage mode oscillation in the solar corona
by E. P. Carley et al.*

2020-05-12 149 views

Flare accelerated electrons emit light from X-rays to radio waves, which sometimes show highly regular and periodic intensity pulsations (Nakariakov et al. 2009). However, the processes that bring about these pulsations remains a hotly debated topic. The primary candidates are periodic magnetic reconnection, magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) oscillations, or some complex combination of both (Aschwanden et al. 1986, Nakariakov et al. 2006). Plasma dynamics of these processes can play out on timescales […]

Oscillations in the 45-5000 MHz Radio Spectrum of the 18 April 2014 Flare
by M. Karlicky et al.*

2017-09-05 645 views

Recently, oscillations were recognized in the global X–ray flux detected during the 18 April 2014 M7.3 flare by the Fermi/GBM instrument as well as in the spatially localized UV measurements of the IRIS satellite and the EIS/Hinode instruments (Brosius and Daw, 2015, Brosius, Dawn and Inglis, 2016, and Brannon, Longcope, and Qiu, 2015). Radio observations of this flare were also analyzed by Carley, Vilmer, and Gallagher (2016). The overall radio spectrum […]