Since 2023, Hatfield:

Eduard Kontar (Chair, President) Glasgow

    email: eduard.kontar (at) glasgow.ac.uk

Alexander Nindos (Secretary) Ioannina

    email: anindos ( at ) uoi.gr

Alexander Warmuth (Treasurer) Potsdam

    email: awarmuth ( at ) aip.de

Gregory Fleishman Newark/Freiburg, Germany

    • email: gfleishm (at) njit.edu

Jasmina Magdalenic Brussels

    email: jasmina.magdalenic ( at ) oma.be

Pietro Zucca Dwingeloo

      • email: jasmina.magdalenic ( at ) oma.be


Previous Board members:

2023 Hatfield (UK):
Kontar (president), Warmuth (treasurer), Nindos (secretary,re-elected), Magdalenic (re-elected), Fleishman, Zucca(new).

2019 Potsdam (Germany):
Kontar (president), Warmuth (treasurer), Nindos (secretary),   Magdalenic, Fallows (left in July 2022), Fleishman (new), (Barta, left)

2016 Orleans (France):
Kontar (president), Warmuth (treasurer), Nindos (secretary), Barta,  Magdalenic (new), Fallows (new), (Pohjolainen, Marque, left)

2013 Prague (Czech Republic):
Pohjolainen (president), Warmuth (treasurer, new), Nindos (secretary), Marque, Barta (new), Kontar (new), (Aurass, MacKinnon, Melnikov left)

2010 La Roche en Ardenne (Belgium):
Pohjolainen (president), Aurass (treasurer), Nindos (secretary), MacKinnon, Melnikov, Marque (new), (Klein left)

2007 Ioannina (Greece):
Klein (president), Aurass (treasurer), Nindos (secretary), Pohjolainen (webmaster),  MacKinnon, Melnikov (new),(Stepanov left)

2004 Skye (Scotland):
Klein (president), Aurass (treasurer), Nindos (secretary, new), Pohjolainen (webmaster, new),  MacKinnon, Stepanov,(Mann, Karlicky left)

2001 Ringberg (Germany):
Klein (president), Mann (secretary), Aurass (treasurer, new), Stepanov (new), MacKinnon (new), Karlicky, (Einaudi, Alissandrakis, Chiuderi-Drago left)

1998 Espoo (Finland):
Klein (president), Mann (secretary, new), Einaudi (treasurer, new),  Karlicky (new), Alissandrakis, Chiuderi-Drago, (Benz, Vlahos, Zaitsev left)

1996 Nouan-le-Fuzelier (France):
Benz (president), Klein (secretary, treasurer), Alissandrakis, Chiuderi-Drago, Vlahos, Zaitsev

1994 Potsdam (Germany)
A.O. Benz (President), A. Magun, M. Pick, G. Trottet, P. Zlobec, L. Vlahos, V.V. Zaitsev

1993 Utrecht (Netherlands)
A.O. Benz (Caretaker), J. Kuijpers (organizer)

1991 Ouranopolis (Greece)
A.O. Benz (Caretaker), L. Vlahos (organizer), SOC: M. Pick and G. Trottet (Meudon), A. Magun (Bern) and P. Zlobec (Trieste)

1989 Braunwald (Switzerland),
A.O. Benz (Caretaker), A. Magun (organizer), SOC: M. Pick and G. Trottet (Meudon),  and P. Zlobec (Trieste)

1986 Aubigny-sur-Nère (France)
A.O. Benz (Caretaker), M. Pick (organizer), SOC: G. Trottet (Meudon), A. Magun (Bern) and P. Zlobec (Trieste)

1985 Duino (Italy)
A.O. Benz (Caretaker), P. Zlobec (organizer), SOC: M. Pick and G. Trottet (Meudon), A. Magun (Bern)

1982 Duino (Italy)
A.O. Benz (Caretaker), P. Zlobec (organizer)

1980 Gordes (France)
A.O. Benz (Caretaker), J.L. Bougeret (organizer)

1978 Dwingeloo (Netherlands)
A.O. Benz (Caretaker), C. Slottje

1975 Florence (Italy)
C. Chiuderi (organizer)

1974 Bern (Switzerland)
E. Schanda (organizer)

1972 Bordeau (France):
A.D.Fokker (Chairman), F. Poumeyrol (Secretary), A. Abrami, C.Chiuderi, D.L. Croom, G. Feix, E. Schanda

1971 Trieste (Italy)
A. Abrami (organizer)

1971 Utrecht (Netherlands)
A.D. Fokker (organizer)

CESRA Statutes, The Board:

The business of CESRA is carried out by the Board. The Board is composed of 5-6 scientists, working actively in the field. There are no national representatives. A representation of complementary competence in solar radio astronomy is desirable.

– The Board meets at CESRA workshops and, if necessary, in between workshops.
– The Board elects its President and Secretary.
– The Board decides on the topic and the location of workshops.
– It co-opts 1-2 persons to the Board of CESRA for the scientific organization of workshops.
– The Board is the scientific organizing committee of CESRA workshops.

There will be a public business meeting at every CESRA workshop. The participation is open to all members of CESRA. They elect new members of the Board and confirm its membership. The Board should not change by more than half of its members at a time.

(Geneva, May 8, 1992)


Report on CESRA activities 2016 – 2019

Report on CESRA activities 2013 – 2016

Report on CESRA activities 2010 – 2013


Old CESRA pages are at http://www.lesia.obspm.fr/cesra/old_index.html