A microflare associated with periodic particle acceleration
by A. Mohan et al.*

2019-10-29 455 views

Microflares are weaker cousins of large flares with 103 to 106 times less energies. They are also much more ubiquitous and frequent than larger flares. A very common phenomena of the Extreme Ultra-Violet (EUV) corona, namely the Active Region Transient Brightening (ARTB; Shimizu, 1996) event is known to be associated with microflares. The ARTBs are associated with active coronal loops of length ranging from 5 – 40 Mm and often […]

Imaging spectroscopy of fiber bursts
by C. Alissandrakis*

2019-10-15 356 views

Fibers are short metric/decimetric bursts with a drift rate between type II and type III bursts, usually appearing in groups embedded in type IV continua. In most cases they show both absorption and emission ridges, the absorption having a slightly lower frequency than the emission. They are, most probably, manifestations of whistler-Langmuir wave interaction and they travel upwards along post flare loops (Kuijpers 1975). In a recent work (Bouratzis et […]

Solar chromospheric temperature diagnostics: A joint Hα – ALMA analysis
by K. Reardon et al

2019-10-01 405 views

There are many challenges in inferring the spatially and temporally varying temperatures of the dynamic solar chromosphere. The principal problem has been the complex formation of the spectral lines in the UV, visible, and infrared that have been the prime diagnostics to probe this region of the atmosphere. The Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA), which became available for solar observations in 2016, promises to help address this issue by observing […]