A New Wind/WAVES Type II Burst Catalog Available Online
by Nat Gopalswamy

The CDAW Data Center announces the availability of a new catalog of type II radio bursts detected by the Radio and Plasma Waves (WAVES) experiment on board the Wind spacecraft and the associated coronal mass ejections (CMEs) observed by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). The catalog is available at

The catalog also contains information on the associated flares (X-ray importance and NOAA active region number). The CME sources are also listed, as derived from the Solar Geophysical Data listing or from inner coronal images such as Yohkoh/SXT and SOHO/EIT. The type II bursts are also linked to Javascript movies made with the radio dynamic spectrum and SOHO/LASCO/EIT images.

Finally, the type II bursts are linked to three-day overview plots of solar energetic particle events (protons in the >10, >50 and >100 MeV GOES channels), GOES soft X-ray light curves, and CME height-time history. The CMEs in this catalog are called radio-loud CMEs because of their ability to produce type II radio bursts.


An example from the catalog. The image on the right is the daily proton, height-time, and X-ray plot (PHTX), also available in the catalog listing.

For questions and comments, please contact Nat Gopalswamy.
This work was supported by NASA’s Virtual Observatories for Heliophysics Data Program.