Instructions on writing a Highlight in Solar Radio Physics aka CESRA nugget

cropped-CESRA_square.jpgThe Highlight of Solar Radio Physics aka CESRA Nugget allows you to publish fresh research (normally based on a refereed paper published within 3 month) to keep CESRA community informed and up-to-date. These are short communications written in the language accessible to a non-expert in the specific area.  The text does not have to be as detailed as a scientific article, but rather written in a more discursive ‘news & views’ style. It also does not need to have a complete literature citation.

The nugget should be submitted with a title and names as with a scientific paper using the MS Word template provided below. It should also follow a rough `introduction, main text and conclusion` layout, but you may customize the sections if you wish. Overall it should be quite brief, about 500-1000 words and should have at least one figure. One or two figures are sufficient, but more can be submitted if necessary.

Templates and Examples:

Copy and paste CESRA_science_nugget_instructions. Once your nugget is complete, send on the document to Eduard and Pietro. We may ask for some changes to the nugget or its format.

Who/where do I submit to?

Currently, Eduard Kontar and Pietro Zucca looks after the science nuggets on the CESRA website ( You can email if you have any questions or need more instructions: