Solar polarization observations at 3 and 13 mm
by J. Kallunki and M. Tornikoski

2020-04-28 238 views

Microwave solar polarization observations give us information about the magnetic field of the solar atmosphere. They are important for understanding the various solar activity phenomena and emission mechanisms related to them. Polarization properties of solar active regions have been studied previously mainly at lower radio frequencies. Here we present solar radio polarization observations that were made at Aalto University Metsähovi Radio Observatory (MRO) in Finland with the 13.7-metre radio telescope, […]

Observing onset of turbulent fast magnetic reconnection in solar microflares
by L. P. Chitta and A. Lazarian

2020-04-14 196 views

Magnetic reconnection is a key process in astrophysical and space plasmas that converts magnetic energy into other forms of energy. It drives gamma-ray bursts, solar flares, and accelerates particles. A fast reconnection is necessary to explain the explosive nature of flares and bursts. However, conditions for the onset of fast reconnection are a topic of intense debate. Simulations of magnetic reconnection in 2D have shown that the current sheet is […]