PhD Prize to Dr. Peter Levens

Dr. Peter Levens
We’re delighted that the European Physics Society Solar Physics Division (EPS-SPD) chose to award its 2018 ESPD PhD Prize to Dr. Peter Levens “for significant contributions to the study of tornado-like prominences – using detailed ultraviolet spectroscopic, multi-wavelength imaging and visible spectropolarimetric observational analysis – helping to unveil the nature of these structures.”

Peter’s PhD work was under the supervision of Nic Labrosse and Lyndsay Fletcher. Peter also spent four months at the Observatoire de Paris in Meudon, working with Dr. Brigitte Schmieder.

Well done Peter!

Peter’s PhD thesis can be accessed on the University repository, as well as his published papers.

This is another EPS-SPD success for the Astronomy & Astrophysics group, which follows last year’s Early Career Prize awarded to Natasha Jeffrey.