Lectures & Talks

Dr. Alec MacKinnon talking at Gleentrool village hall.

Astronomy and Astrophysics group members regularly engage in different types of talks, chats and lectures to a variety of audiences.

Some recent talk locations include:
Glasgow Science Centre, Our Dynamic Earth Edinburgh, Shetland Museum and Shetland Schools, UK Space Conference SECC, Caithness Schools, BBC Stargazing Live Glasgow, Glenelg Mars Twinning Day event, Astronomy Ireland Dublin, Edinburgh Science Festival, Cafe Scientifiques, Wigton Bookfest, Middle of Scotland Science Festival Crianlarich, Glasgow Science Festival and to several Astronomical societies (including Glasgow, Dumfries, Dundee, Stirling, Newcastle, Moray, Ayrshire).

General Lectures & Talks

Dr Lyndsay Fletcher with Caithness Astronomy Group in Thurso (photo Gordon Mackie)
Dr Lyndsay Fletcher with Caithness Astronomy Group in Thurso.
(photo Gordon Mackie)
  • Prof. Martin Hendry (Click here for a complete list.)
  • Prof. Lyndsay Fletcher
    • Solar Storms and Northern Lights
    • Shadows On The Sun – The Story of Sunspots
    • The Magnetic Sun
    • Solar Eclipses
    • New Science with the Solar Dynamics Observatory
  • Dr. Nicolas Labrosse
    • The Sun, our star
    • Solar spectroscopy
    • Exploring the Sun-heliosphere connection
    • Solar Eclipses
    • Solar tornadoes
  • Dr. Alec MacKinnon
    • General Night sky type talks, e.g. “The night Sky this Winter” or “What can I see in the sky tonight?”
    • Talks fairly close to my research interests in Sun, solar activity, heliosphere. Recent examples: “Flares on the Sun and other stars”, “Edge of the solar system”, “Killer Neutrons from Space!”
    • The Ben Nevis Observatory and Scotland’s first Physics Nobel Prizewinner, The Cosmic Way
    • Miscellaneous other talks, suitable for different sorts of audience, e.g. “My very own HR Diagram”, “Rainbows, sundogs and glories”, “Radio astronomy and LOFAR”
  • Dr. Declan Diver
    • Plasmas in the Universe
    • Relativity and Astronomy: Concepts and Challenges
  • Dr. Iain Hannah
    • The many “colours” of the Sun
    • Is the space weather safe for travel?
    • New views of the Sun’s Hot Corona.
  • Dr. David Clarke
    • Various topics including 500 years of Astronomy at Glasgow, General Astronomy, Astronomy Travelogues, Zodiacal Light, Astronomical Polarimetry and Magnetic Stars.
  • Dr. Eduard Kontar
    • Solar flares
    • Radio Astronomy
    • Space plasmas