You might want to follow this map to get to the university area. For when you’re nearby, here are instructions for how to find our building. A Kelvin map version of the Campus Map can be downloaded (best option if you want to print it out). The Kelvin Building is highlighted in red. If you are still unsure where to go, the security people in the gatehouse on the crest of University Avenue will direct you to the department.

Arriving by train or plane

The easiest way to the university is to take a taxi to the main gatehouse, at the top of University Avenue. This costs around £6 from the centre of town, or £20 from the airport.

If you’re arriving at Queen Street station, you can very conveniently take the underground to Hillhead station. When you leave the underground station, turn left, head down to the traffic lights, and turn left again up University Avenue (a few hundred metres/yards in total). The Physics and Astronomy building (a.k.a The Kelvin Building) is a dirty-white concrete building near the “Botany Gate”, at the bottom of the hill as you approach from this side.

If you arrive at Central Station (which will be the case if you come from the south), it’s less fuss just to take a taxi.

Arriving by car

Probably the most straightforward way is to leave the M8 at junction 19, then head west along St. Vincent Street and Argyle Street, or along Sauchiehall Street, until you arrive at the bottom of Byres Road. Once there, turn North/Right, and you should soon be in sight of the university.

If all else fails, you won’t go far wrong if you just head west from junctions 18 or 19 (or possibly 17, if you’ve missed your turning) for about a mile and a half, and keep your eyes peeled for a dark pointy building.

Parking in the area around the university is rather limited, so make sure that arrangements have been made for parking space on the campus.