Radio Astronomy

Solar radio astronomy and LOFAR

We are a member of the UK LOFAR consortium and, with support from SUPA, we are investigating the use of LOFAR antennas for solar observations.

The Square Kilometre Array

The Square Kilometre Array is a new type of radio telescope, building on the principles of interferometric radio astronomy but pushing them to new extremes.   In the EU SKA design study phase (SKADS)  Carozzi and Woan developed some fundamental results concerning wide-field imaging and polarisation, and we continue our interest in the SKA, particularly for transient detection (in support of gravitational wave observations) and its potential for solar radio astronomy.

Radio astronomy from the Moon

The Moon, particularly the far side of the Moon, is a promising site for very low frequency (< 50 MHz) radio astronomy.  We have a long-term interest in the development of radio instrumentation for a lunar telescope and in radio propagation close to the Moon’s surface.