We provide a variety of outreach activities for schools, groups of all ages and the general public, please checkout the links for Public Talks/Lectures.

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John Brown
Glasgow astronomers have a long history of explaining and promoting astronomy to the public and in schools. Evening classes have been given via the DACE (now the Centre for Open Studies) for over 50 years, and group visits to the Observatory for almost as long.

The period since my appointment as Astronomer Royal for Scotland has seen a great diversification in the style of our Outreach events which now include planetarium shows, special themed talks – e.g. “Did we really land on the moon” – and Magi-Science talks. All great fun, as well as highly informative – so read on, sign up, and enjoy them as much as we do.

Prof. John C Brown,
10th Astronomer Royal for Scotland & formerly Regius Chair of Astronomy.