Dr Norman Gray

Research Fellow

I’m working on ‘Semantic Resource Discovery for the Virtual Observatories’ (aka ‘astronomical data management’, or ‘astroinformatics’, or some variant on that).

Recent projects (PI or Co-I):

  • Sensitivity review ‘Knowledge Exchange’ project, working with The National Archives and GU Computing Science, 2013.
  • MaRDI-Gross ‘Managing Research Data Infrastructures in Big Science’, 2011–2012, JISC
  • AstroDAbis, 2011, JISC
  • Managing Research Data – Gravitational Waves, 2009–2011, JISC
  • Explicator ‘Intelligent access to foreign data models’, 2007–2009, EPSRC
  • SKUA ‘Semantic Knowledge Underpinning Astronomy’, 2008–2009, JISC
  • AGAST ‘Advanced Grid Authorisation through Semantic Technologies’, 2008–2009, JISC

…plus time on projects led by others

Virtual Observatory:

  • Vice-chair, then chair, of IVOA Semantics WG (2010–present)
  • Member of IVOA Technical Coordination Group


  • Special Relativity, second year (2000–02 & 2010–)
  • General Relativity, honours (biennially since 2002–03)

Room 605
School of Physics and Astronomy
Kelvin Building
University of Glasgow
G12 8QQ

Email: Norman.Gray@glasgow.ac.uk
Tel: +44 141 330 7111

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