Dr Hugh Potts

KT Research Fellow

Research Areas

  • Atmospheric pressure plasmas for germicidal applications
    This experimental study is currently my main area of work. We have developed a novel process (patents filed) for producing ozone inside sealed containers, allowing us to sterilise the contents without opening the container or exposing the operator to ozone. A company (Anacail Ltd) was formed in February 2011 to exploit this technology.
  • Flatfield correction for SOHO MDI
    The SOHO satellite has been spectacularly successful at imaging the sun, and has now been operating continuously in the harsh environment of space for more than 12 years. In that time the CCD camera and optics have sustained significant radiation damage. We have developed a new technique for correcting the optical and CCD errors, producing a database of flatfields which can be used to reduce the flat fielding errors on the instrument by around a factor of 10. The repository of flatfields is hosted with the main MDI data service at Stanford University: http://soi.stanford.edu/sssc/MDI_continuum_hr_flatfields/flatfields.html and is mirrored locally here.
  • Solar flows and magnetic interactions
    The dynamics of small scale magnetic elements on the photosphere of the sun are dominated by their hydrodynamic interaction with the photospheric flows at the granular and supergranular scales. We have developed novel image analysis techniques (for example balltrack, codes available at http://code.google.com/p/solar-flow-tracking/) to analyse the fluid and magnetic element motion in the photosphere to investigate the energetics of these small scale interactions.
  • Magnetic Focusing of Therapeutic, Diagnostic or Prophylactic Agents to Deep Tumors.
    This is a collaboration with Dr Ben Shapiro at the University of Maryland in the US.
  • Ferrofluid dynamics
    Investigating the free surface dynamics of ferrofluid surface waves and freely suspended drops.

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