Stephen Brown


Astro-WB-SABPhD Student

I am working with Prof. Lyndsay Fletcher on solar flares. We are currently looking at the behaviour of the chromosphere during flares, with a particular focus on the hydrogen Lyman lines.

After using EVE observations to measure Doppler shifts in these lines, we found signatures of both plasma upflows and downflows. We are now using radiative hydrodynamic and radiative transfer codes, RADYN & RH, to produce simulated H Lyman profiles and understand their formation in the solar atmosphere. In 2016 I visited the NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre for 4 months to further this work, and presented our observations at the SDO Living With A Star conference in Vermont.


Doppler speeds of the hydrogen Lyman lines in solar flares from EVE – Astronomy & Astrophysics -11/2016 – Stephen Brown, Lyndsay Fletcher & Nicolas Labrosse

Hydrogen Balmer Line Broadening in Solar and Stellar FlaresAstrophysical Journal – 2017 – Adam F Kowalski, Joel C Allred, Han Uitenbroek, Pier-Emmanuel Tremblay, Stephen Brown, Mats Carlsson, Rachel A Osten, John P Wisniewski, Suzanne L Hawley

Radiative hydrodynamic modelling of the hydrogen Lyman lines in the flaring chromosphere [in prep]

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