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<sect id=s.intro>1 Introduction

<subsect id=s.contributions>1.1 Call for contributions

<sect id=s.computing>2 Computing

<subsect id=s.unix>2.1 Unix guides

<subsect id=s.editors>2.2 Editors

<subsect>2.3 Numerical analysis

<subsubsect>2.3.1 Numerical Recipes

<subsubsect id=s.fp>2.3.2 Floating point representation

<subsubsubsect id=s.endianness> Endianness of floating-point numbers

<subsubsubsect id=s.accuracy> Accuracy

<mlabel id=e.ieee1>Eqn.(1)

<table id=f.fp>Table 1

<subsubsubsect id=s.otherfloat> Other floating-point topics

<mlabel id=e.ieeedenorm>Eqn.(2)

<table id=t.traptab>Table 2

<subsect id=s.progs>2.4 Programming languages

<subsubsect id=s.fortran77>2.4.1 Fortran 77

<subsubsect id=s.fortran90>2.4.2 Fortran 90/95

<subsubsect id=s.c>2.4.3 C

<subsubsect>2.4.5 Java

<subsubsect id=s.otherlang>2.4.6 Other languages

<subsubsubsect id=s.sedawk> awk and sed

<subsect id=s.codetopics>2.5 Code topics

<subsubsect id=s.profiling>2.5.1 Profiling

<subsubsect id=s.optim>2.5.2 Optimization

<subsubsubsect id=s.arrays> Walk through arrays in the correct order

<subsubsubsect> I/O

<subsubsubsect id=s.optimnan> Use NaN and Infinity

<subsubsubsect id=s.ncbooks> Further reading

<subsubsect id=s.debugging>2.5.3 Debugging

<subsubsect id=s.candf>2.5.4 Intermixing Fortran and C

<subsubsubsect id=s.compilingcf> Compiling and linking

<subsubsect id=s.compilers>2.5.5 Compilers, and other stray remarks on code

<subsect id=s.linkfarms>2.6 Link farms

<sect id=s.theory>3 Theory support

<subsect id=s.maple>3.1 Computer algebra

<subsect id=s.visualisation>3.2 Data visualisation

<subsubsect id=s.gausssine-g>3.2.1 gnuplot

<figure id=f.gausssine-g>Figure 1

<subsubsect id=s.vis-idl>3.2.2 IDL

<figure id=f.gausssine-i>Figure 2

<subsubsect id=s.dx>3.2.3 DX

<subsubsect id=s.pgplot>3.2.4 PGPLOT

<subsect>3.3 Producing images

<sect id=s.astro>4 Astrophysical and other libraries

<subsect id=s.models>4.1 Astrophysical modelling codes

<subsect id=s.lib>4.2 General-purpose and numerical libraries

<subsubsect id=s.rwdata>4.2.1 Reading and writing data

<subsect>4.3 Link farms

<sect id=s.paper>5 Paper production

<subsect id=s.latex>5.1 TeX and LaTeX

<subsect id=s.lanl>5.2 The LANL archive

<sect id=s.astro.general>6 General astronomical and astrophysical resources

<subsect id=s.obs>6.1 Observations

<sect id=s.acknowledgements>7 Acknowledgements

<li>item 1

<li>item 2

<li id=ta.jl>item 3

<li>item 4

<li>item 5

<li id=ta.mbt>item 6

<li id=ta.rfws>item 7

<li>item 8

<sect id=s.examples>A Example programs

<subsect id=a.islittleendian.c>A.1 islittlendian.c

<subsect id=a.fpp.c>A.2 fpp.c

<subsect id=a.fpdemo.c>A.3 fpdemo.c

<subsect id=a.profiling>A.4 Profiling

<subsect id=a.crash.c>A.5 crash.c

<subsect id=a.mixed>A.6 Mixed language programming

<subsect id=a.maple>A.7

<subsect id=a.idl>A.8

<sect id=s.refs>B References: Starlink documents

<sect id=s.relnotes>C Release notes

<subsect id=rel-2.2>C.1 Release 2.2

<subsect id=rel-2.1>C.2 Release 2.1

<subsect id=rel-2.0>C.3 Version 2

<subsect id=rel-1.2>C.4 Release 1.2