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B References: Starlink documents

This section contains a (non-exhaustive!) selection of Starlink documents which should intersect with the interests of this cookbook's audience. Where possible, I have included a reference to a relevant section of this document.

An overall reference for all Starlink users is the .

Starlink User Notes
SUN/1Starlink software collection
SUN/9LaTeX -- Document preparation system v2e User's GuideSection 5.1
SUN/11ARY -- Subroutines for accessing ARRAY data structures
SUN/12LaTeX -- Cook-bookSection 5.1
SUN/15PGPLOT -- Graphics subroutine librarySection 3.2.4
SUN/28NAG -- Numerical and Graphical Libraries Mk 16/4 UGSection 4.2
SUN/33NDF -- Routines for accessing extensible n-D data 1.3Section 4.2.1
SUN/55CONVERT -- A format-conversion package 1.1, UMSection 3.2.2
SUN/73FORCHECK -- Fortran verifier and programming aidSection 2.4.1
SUN/92HDS -- Hierarchical data system 4.2, PGSection 4.2.1
SUN/93TeX -- Superior document preparation systemSection 5.1
SUN/107MAPLE -- Mathematical manipulation languageSection 3.1
SUN/127EXOSAT database systemSection 6.1
SUN/136FITSIO -- Disk FITS I/O routines 5.03Section 4.2.1
SUN/145UNIX -- An introductionSection 2.1
SUN/160IMG -- Simple image data access 1.2Section 4.2.1
SUN/162A guide to astronomical catalogues/databases/archivesSection 6.1
SUN/167PERIOD -- A time-series analysis package
SUN/170Editors on UnixSection 2.1
SUN/172FTNCHEK -- A Fortran 77 source-code checkerSection 2.4.1
SUN/174Guide to on-line bibliographies and information
SUN/181CAT -- Catalogue and table manipulation library 5.1Section 6.1
SUN/193PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report LanguageSection 2.4.6
SUN/194PDA -- Public domain algorithms library 0.4, PMSection 4.2
SUN/203SX and DX -- IBM data explorer for data visualisationSection 3.2.3
SUN/209CNF and F77 Mixed Language Programming v3.1: PM.Section 2.5.4

Starlink General Papers
SGP/4Starlink C programming standardSection 2.4.3
SGP/16Starlink application programming standardSection 2.4.1
SGP/47Computer Algebra SoftwareSection 3.1

Starlink Cookbooks
SC/2The DX cookbookSection 3.2.3
SC/9LaTeX CookbookSection 5.1
SC/12Writing your own data reduction software

Starlink Guides
SG/6ADAM -- Programmer's facilities and documentation guide
SG/8Introduction to Visualisation Software for AstronomySection 3.2

Miscellaneous User Documents are documents which are not originated by Starlink, which are held at RAL for the Starlink project. Copies may be available at other Starlink nodes. Ask your Site Manager if you want one.

Miscellaneous User Documents
MUD/30IDL -- User's guideSection 3.2.2
MUD/48LATEX -- User's guide and reference manualSection 5.1
MUD/52MAPLE -- IntroductionSection 3.1
MUD/55NAG -- Fortran library manual: Mk 15 (10 vols)Section 4.2
MUD/56NAG -- A beginners guide (Book)Section 4.2
MUD/57NAG -- Newsletters, Error bulletinsSection 4.2
MUD/58NAG -- Graphical library supplement: Mk 3 (2 volsSection 4.2
MUD/72TEX -- The TeXbook (Book)Section 5.1
MUD/121Unix for beginnersSection 2.1
MUD/122An introduction to display editing with ViSection 2.2
MUD/123Vi -- Quick reference cardSection 2.2
MUD/128NAG -- Fortran Library, Introductory Guide (Mk 15)Section 4.2
MUD/137MAPLE V -- Language reference manualSection 3.1
MUD/138MAPLE V -- Library reference manualSection 3.1
MUD/139MAPLE V -- A tutorial introductionSection 3.1
MUD/159SM -- Interactive plotting program 2.3.1Section 3.2
MUD/160SM -- The SM tutorialSection 3.2

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