Eduard P. Kontar
School of Physics & Astronomy
University of Glasgow
Kelvin Building, Glasgow G12 8QQ
Scotland, UK
Phone: +44 141 330 2499
Fax:     +44 141 330 5183
Email:eduard (at) astro.gla.ac.uk


From NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) or from Google Scholar or local list of refereed publications

 Community of European Solar Radio Astronomers (CESRA)
European Solar Physics Division

RHESSI and UKSP Science Nuggets (quasi-popular about my research):
2014: Microwave Images of a Single-Loop Flare
2013: Emission measure maps of a CME seen by SDO/AIA
2013: Corpulent X-ray loops
2012: Glasgow Callisto: first light
2010: Solar flare electrons
2010: Albedo and the modification of RHESSI results
2009: Dips and waves
2008: The rise and Fall of The Low Energy Cut off
A Solar X-ray dentist mirror
One small step for a photon...One giant leap for electronkind!

Research interests are in solar flare energetic particles and plasma kinetic theory, including the theory of particle acceleration and propagation, radio and X-ray emission mechanisms, inverse theory and the development and application of new methods of X-ray data analysis.

CESRA Summer School in Glasgow, August 24-28 2015
STFC Summer School on Solar System plasmas, Sept 13-18, 2015

Some reserach projects I am involved:

Solar & Heliospheric Physics with Square Kilometer Array(SKA)
Solar physics (LOFAR-UK white paper) with Low Frequency Array LOFAR
EU MC IRSES network "Radiophysics of the Sun"
Franco-British partnership research programme on Acceleration and transport of energetic particles: X-ray and radio signatures (URL)
ISSI International Team on X-ray and radio diagnostics of energetic electrons in solar flares, ISSI, Bern,2012-2014
EU FP7 project High Energy Solar Physics Data in Europ (HESPE)

NASA  Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (RHESSI) spacecraft
International ISSI, Bern teams: ’Determination of energy and angular distribution of accelerated electrons in solar flares’, 2008-2009,  ’The RHESSI Mission: Inversion Methods for Imaging Spectroscopy’, 2006-2007;  ’The RHESSI Mission: X-ray Spectra and Image Analysis by Means of Inversion Methods’, 2005-2006

Software packages (IDL):
X-ray package for, Three-dimensional Radio and X-Ray Modeling and Data Analysis Software [paper link]
Differential emission measure software (for inversion of For AIA/SDO, EIS/HINODE or XRT/HINODE data)
Albedo correction for Hard X-ray spectroscopy with RHESSI; Can be also found as a part of SSW (last updated 31/08/2005)
Software for Inversions of X-ray solar flare spectra
Nonuniform target ionisation fit for SPEX: Example and physical explanations.

RHESSI snippets:
Gamma-line lightcurves: 23July2002, 28Oct2003, 29Oct2003, 02Nov2003
Collection of Full disk RHESSI images
PAPERS on July 23 flare
Spatially integrated X-ray spectra
RHESSI imaging spectroscopy for July 23 flare:  CLEANed images from 00:26-00:40 UT, spatial and temporal variation of spectral index, and comparison with spatially integrated spectra.

HESSI NESSI topical workshops:

RHESSI/NESSI Topical Workshop I on Distribution Functions of Energetic Flare Particles, Glasgow, Scotland, June 4-6, 2003, RHESSI/NESSI Workshop II, (March 24-26,2004) RHESSI/NESSI Workshop III (March 30 - April 1, 2005) RHESSI/NESSI Workshop IV , Paris (April 3-4, 2006) RHESSI/NESSI Workshop V , Berkeley (November 6-8, 2005)

University (Glasgow University) lectures:
A1:Stellar Physics II,  2009-2012
A2:Observational Astrophysics, 2005-2012
A345: Exploring Planetary Systems I, 2014-now
A345: Plasma Theory and Diagnostics II, 2013-now
A345: High Energy Astrophysics I, 2009-now
A345: Pulsars and Supernovae I, 2007-now
A345: Exploring Planetary Systems II, 2006-2010
PostGrad Lectures: Astrophysical Plasmas, Scottish University Physics Alliance, 2008-now
PG Lectures for Astronomy PhD students on Kinetics of waves and particles in plasmas, 2003

How to set up SSW/IDL/Fortran for linux account

SSW update with lftp

Summer school lectures (PG&Postdoc level):

’Particle acceleration and radiation processes at the Sun’, Hellenic Astronomical Society Summer School on Physical Processes and Data Analysis in Heliophysics, Athens, Greece, September 1-5, 2014

’Plasma Physics and particle acceleration’, STFC Advanced Summer School in Solar Physics 2014, University of Dundee, August 31st- Sept 5, 2014

’Flares and particle acceleration’, STFC Introductory Solar System Plasmas Summer School, Armagh Observatory, September 16-21, 2012

’Wave and particle interaction in heliophysics’ Topical Advanced Summer School joint with UK-Ukraine Meeting on Solar Physics and Space Science, Black Sea, Crimea, Ukraine, 29/08-02/09, 2011

’Solar Activity - Flares and particle acceleration’, The High Resolution Sun: Theory and Observations, An STFC Advanced Summer School in Solar Physics, University of Central Lancashire, August 31-Sept 3, 2010

’High-energy processes in flares and CMEs’, Summer School on Solar and Solar-Terrestrial Research, Nanjing, China, July 13-22, 2009

’X-ray imaging with RHESSI: lecture and tutorial’, Solar observational data analysis school, University of Glasgow, UK, June 1-5, 2009

’Particle acceleration in the corona’, STFC Advanced Summer School, Queen’s University, Belfast, Sept 2008

’Particle acceleration in solar flares’, STFC Advanced Summer School: The Sun: An Up-to-date Theoretical and Observational Tour, St Andrews, Sept 2-7, 2007