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Acceleration and transport of energetic particles: X-ray and radio signatures

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Summary. During periods of sporadic solar activity, the Sun ejects large number of even more energetic particles.  These solar particles can affect the Earth's magnetosphere and ionosphere. These particles sometimes damage satellites and cause problems for telecommunications. Understanding of electron propagation and acceleration is the key element of Sun-Earth connection studies and an important element of Space Weather. Beams of highly energetic electrons are accelerated in solar flares, huge magnetic explosions in the solar atmosphere caused by the restructuring of solar magnetic fields. The electron beams can be detected in-situ near the Earth and via their electromagnetic emission in the solar atmosphere and interplanetary space. Signatures of electron beams in the solar atmosphere include X-rays and strong radio emission. The proposed project aims to bring a new level of understanding of electron acceleration and transport building on the complementary expertises of British and French teams as well as to provide training for PhD students and Postdocs not available in their countries of study. Both teams are actively involved in ESA-led future Solar Orbiter mission.


British team: Dr Eduard Kontar (British PI), Professor John C. Brown, Dr Alec MacKinnon, Dr Iain Hannah,Mr Hamish Reid


French team: Dr Guillaume Aulanier (French PI), Dr Nicole Vilmer, Dr Milan Maksimovic, Dr Ludwig Klein, Dr Arnaud Zaslavsky, Ms Sophie Masson



Presentations and programme of meeting in Meudon (May, 2010)



Presentations and programme of meeting in Glasgow (October, 2010)




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