Numerical Astronomy 1, Inverse problems

This page contains the lecture notes for a 10-lecture, honours level, course on Inverse Problem theory. The course introduces Inverse Problem Theory, the theory of integral equations, and describes both classical and non-classical inverse problem theory. -- please use this Persistent URL when citing this page.

Numerical Astronomy 1, Inverse Problems is part of the honours course offered by the Department of Physics and Astronomy in the University of Glasgow. It is presented in alternate years. I taught this option in session 1998--9, when it ran from 16 October to 11 December 1998. In session 2000--1, it was presented by Dr Richard Barrett, after which it was taken over by Dr Graham Woan.

I produced (rather compressed) course notes. These were intended to be a support to the lectures, rather than an independent exposition, but I hope they might be of some use to others, and you can download them if you wish.

If you find the notes useful (and certainly if you find any inaccuracies), please do let me know.

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