Control software for the ??SRT telescope
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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CActivityThe Activity abstract class encapsulates the state for extended projects, such as calibrations
 CScheduleFollowingThe base of a couple of classes where the activity consists of following a schedle of rotations
 CDriveAzAltActivity: Driving the telescope to a given AzAlt location
 CTrackAzimuthTrack across the sky in azimuth
 CTrackSiderealActivity: track a point on the celestial sphere through a sidereal rotation
 CActivityQueueMaintain a queue of Activity instances
 CAstroTimeEncapsulates a few time properties which are astronomically relevant
 CBufferedSerialMediates access to an underlying serial device
 CEnvironmentInformationThis struct holds a mixture of environmental and calibration information
 CInputItemThe items read from the serial port
 CInputItem::item_dataThe types of data that may be in an input item
 CKalmanA one-dimensional Kalman filter, which has as its state variables position, measured in radians from some implied reference point, and a reference speed, in radians per unit time, which is the actual maximum speed when the telescope motors are full on (ie, corresponding to commanded speed 1.0)
 CPositionAllows us to represent positions on the celestial sphere (or on Earth, at a push)
 CQuaternionEncapsulates quaternions (quelle surprise!), and provides a small set of operations for manipulating them
 CRotationEncapsulates a rotation of a point about an axis
 CSchedulePlanned rotation of the telescope
 CSlewScheduleProvides the schedule for a slew to a particular point on the celestial sphere
 CTrackingScheduleProvides the schedule for tracking a point across the celestial sphere, typically at a speed of one sidereal day per solar day
 CStateHolds the state of the system while it is slewing or tracking
 CTelescopeControllerA class for controlling the telescope
 CQPTelescopeControllerThe concrete telescope controller