Local Info


The summer school will be hosted in the Kelvin Building at the University of Glasgow.  A map of Glasgow University, indicating the Kelvin Building and the Main Gates is below.


Arriving in Glasgow

The most convenient way to get to the University from the train station or airport is via taxi.  This cost around £8 from the centre of town or £25 from Glasgow Airport.  If you arrive at Glasgow Prestwick Airport, it is slightly outside Glasgow.  The best way to get to Glasgow from Prestwick is to take a train into the centre of Glasgow for £8 that takes 50 minutes.

An alternative way to arrive at the University from the centre of town is the underground to Hillhead station.  There are subway stations near both Glasgow Queen Street and Glasgow Central.  The map below shows the walking directions from Hillhead Station to the Kelvin Building where the summer school will be hosted.