STFC Introductory Solar System Plasmas Summer School

Cloisters The UK has a vibrant solar system science community that is highly regarded internationally. To maintain and enhance this position the UK must not just continue to make major discoveries and provide critical insight into key solar system science problems but also train new solar system scientists. The solar system is accessible to highly detailed remote sensing and a variety of unique in situ measurements. Thus, critical understanding of fundamental cross-scale physical processes, such as dynamo theory, particle acceleration, reconnection, shocks, and plasma turbulence, can be enhanced by confronting theoretical and numerical concepts with detailed observations.
The School’s objective is to bring internationally leading UK scientists to instruct and inspire the incoming PhD students. It will provide them with the broad context in which their specific research will reside, and encourage interdisciplinary thinking from the outset. Additionally, it will encourage participants to consider the timeliness and impact of present research both by highlighting existing and planned missions.

The course will consist of a number of lectures which will cover both Core Material and more Specialised Topics. Social events and an afternoon devoted to public engagement of science will build cohort spirit and explore the Impacts, both curiosity-driven and economic/technological, of solar system plasma science.

Practical details for the school can be found here.

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The summer school is financially supported by the Science and Technology Facilities Council, STFC.




The summer school appreciates support from the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance, SUPA.