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Extra-solar Planets

Isle of Skye, UK, 28th May - 8th June 2007

Seminar Presentations

Name Seminar
Mariangela Bonavita Frequency of planets in multiple systems
Adrian Colucci Tidal evolution of hot Jupiters
Nikolaos Georgakarakos Eccentricity generation in hierarchical triple systems
Cristian Giuppone Orbital fits on extrasolar planetary systems
Alex Golovin Photometry of planetary transits in TrES-1 system
Claudia Hernandez Mena A statistical model of planetary accretion: resonances and migration effects
Anne-Sophie Libert Secular study of the non-coplanar explanetary three-body problem
Elke Lohinger Planets in close binary systems
Cezary Migaszewski The 3D secular dynamics of the HD 12661 planetary system
Althea Moorhead Eccentricity evolution of giant planet orbits due to circumstellar disk torques
Zsolt Sandor Formation and stability of resonant extrasolar planetary systems in 2:1 resonance
Anoop Sivasankaran Regularisation of the Caledonian symmetrical four-body problem
Alexis Smith The impact of correlated noise on SuperWASP detection rates for transiting extrasolar planets
Paul Steele A near-IR spectrscopic search for very low mass companions to white dwarfs
Ferenc Szenkovits New results in the elliptic restricted three-body problem
Karla Torres Dynamical simulations of formation and water origins for Earth-like planets
Zoltan Mako The transient chaos in the capture domain

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