Managing Research Data: Gravitational Waves – Final Report

The MRD-GW project produced a final report which acts as an extended case-study of the way that data is managed in ‘big science’ projects. The canonical version is available at arXiv. Or you can download an alternative version with nicer fonts and a couple of formatting tweaks, or (why not?) a US Letter version; each of these has identical content to the arXiv version, but with slightly different formatting and pagination.

The URL is a long-term URL for the report, and currently redirects to this page.

Suggested citation:

Norman Gray, Tobia D Carozzi and Graham Woan, Managing Research Data in Big Science (2012). Available online:

(you should replace the final URL by arXiv:1207.3923 in those fields which are familiar with arXiv references).

Suggested BibTeX reference:

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This version replaces the earlier release of the document, which was LIGO Document P1000188-v10.