Managing Research Data: Gravitational Waves

logoThe MRD-GW project was funded by JISC in 2010–2011 as part of the Managing Research Data programme, to examine the way in which Big Science data is managed, and produce recommendations as appropriate.

JISC also funded a follow-up project, MaRDI-Gross, to support big-science projects in developing suitable Data Management and Preservation (DMP) plans for the data they generate.

Big science data is different: it comes in large volumes, and it is shared and exploited in ways which may differ from other disciplines. The MRD-GW project explored these differences using as a case-study Gravitational Wave (GW) data generated by the LIGO Scientific Consortium (LSC), and produce recommendations useful variously to JISC, the funding council (STFC) and the GW community.

The main project output was its final report, which described the sub-discipline for JISC, provided guidance on data management plans for STFC, and offered a framework for a long-term archive strategy for the GW community.

The project final report includes sections as follows, broadly corresponding to the three audiences we are addressing.

Project outputs:

The project URL is please quote this (rather than the URL it redirects to) when referring to the project.

The project people are Norman Gray, Graham Woan, and Tobia Carozzi.