Teaching Homepage of Martin Hendry

Below are links to the websites of my current, or recent, undergraduate courses

Level 1

Introduction to Cosmology  (10 lectures for  astronomy A1Y)

Exploring the Sky   (9 lectures for EXCOS 1X)

Stellar Astrophysics I   (8 lectures for A1Y)

Solar System Physics I    (6 lectures for A1X)

Frontiers of Physics: Extra-Solar Planets      (2 lectures for P1Y*)

Frontiers of Physics: the Dark Side of the Universe (2 lectures for P1X*)

         Lecture 1          Lecture 2

I am also currently class head for Astronomy 1

Level 2

Stars and their Spectra    (10 lectures for astronomy A2Z)

Observational Astrophysics     (10 lectures for astronomy A2Z)

Introduction to General Relativity     (5 lectures for astronomy A2Z)

I was also recently class and lab head for Astronomy A2Z.

Level 3/4

Gravitation and Relativity I   (10 lectures for astronomy A3/A4 and physics P4 - MSci only)

Gravitation and Relativity II   (10 lectures for astronomy A3/A4 and physics P4 - MSci only)

Statistical Astronomy I   (10 lectures for astronomy A3/A4H)

High Energy Astrophysics I   (10 lectures for astronomy A3/A4H)

High Energy Astrophysics II   (10 lectures for astronomy A3/A4H)

Galaxies II   (10 lectures for astronomy A3/A4H)

Astronomical Data Analysis I   (10 lectures for astronomy A3/A4H)

Stellar Physics   (Guest lectures for University of Aberdeen)

(on behalf of the Department of Adult and Continuing Education)

Astronomy in the Third Millennium    (10 meetings, from 7th January 2002)

Dark Energy: What is this Quintessence of Dust?    (Day school, 29th November 2003)

Life in the Cosmos    (10 meetings, from 12th January 2004)

Fundamental Questions in Astronomy    (10 meetings, from 11th January 2005)

Extreme Astrophysics    (10 meetings, from 15th January 2007)

Captain Cook and the Cosmic Yardstick    (Part of the Day school on Eclipses and Transits, 3rd February 2007)

              (.wav audio file of the above lecture)

Einstein's Universe    (10 meetings, from 14th January 2008)

Hubble Vision    (10 meetings, from January 2009)

How Galileo Made the Earth Move    (Part of the Day school on Galileo, 31st October 2009)

Some of the above webpages may require a password for access; if you have any problems, email me

"Why are we here?":  Opening Lecture for the 2008 Glasgow University Science Festival

Statistical Astronomy          Series of lectures for the 25th International School for Young Astronomers,
                                                    organised by the International Astronomical Union,
                                                   Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco,
                                                     July 2004.

Advanced Data Analysis             2-day residential course for SUPA postgraduates

Gravitational Waves: Detection Principles            Lectures for the VESF school on gravitational wave astronomy, Cascina, May 2008

Gravitational Waves:  Introduction to GR and detection principles            Lectures for the SUPA course on Gravitational Wave Detection, Jan 2009