Scottish Solar System

What is the Scottish Solar System?

Scotland has a strong tradition of public engagement in astronomy, with a number of active astronomy groups and societies across the country. Many of these societies organised activities and events for International Year of Astronomy 2009.

By a curious coincidence, the locations of Scotland's astronomy societies match very well to a scale mode of our Solar System - with Glasgow Science Centre representing the Sun.

That makes our "Scottish Solar System", to our knowledge, the largest scale model of the Solar System ever made!

Click on our map to find the Solar System locations of the Scottish astronomy societies, or download our Scottish Solar System poster, or a short presentation summarising the project.

The aims of the Scottish Solar System project are:

To help coordinate astronomy events for schools and the public across Scotland throughout IYA2009 and beyond

To maintain a web repository for Scottish astronomy outreach resources.

Click here to find out more about your local astronomy society.

Check out our calendar to find astronomy events in your area.