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16 inch telescope
There has been an Observatory associated with Glasgow University since 1757, and we presently occupy two sites. The main observatory ('Acre Road') is close to the Garscube Estate on the outskirts of the city. Our outstation ('Cochno', housing the big 20-inch Grubb Parsons telescope) is located further out again, at a darker site in the Kilpatrick Hills.

The Acre Road Observatory comprises teaching labs, a workshop and the main dome housing a 16-inch Dall–Kirkham telescope, with a Rotarion remote turret, on a Paramount ME.

The solar dome, presently housing the 14-inch Meade, a transit house containing the transit telescope.  We also have several other portable telescopes of 10-inches and less, imaging devices and spectrometers..

We operate several radio instruments, mostly using Ettus software defined radio backends and GNURadio processing pipelines: a 3-m dish tuned to the 21-cm hydrogen line, a 408-MHz pulsar telescope monitoring PSR B0329+54, a Callisto system monitoring the Sun and a 3-cm moonbounce system (under development).  

There is a small planetarium beneath the solar dome.

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