Permissions, Hostile Remarks or Helpful Criticism, Disclaimer, Archive History and Acknowledgements

Many of these entries probably have copyright protection, since they come willy-nilly from the journals, and so they should not be reproduced in inappropriate places without permission. This can presumably be obtained for publication purposes via reference to the source article listed for each item.

The Archivist realizes that if any of the authors cited actually read the descriptive text fulminating about their work, they may disagree with the account they see and perhaps even gnash their teeth in anger or embarrassment. In these cases, and in the likely-to-be-rarer case of a more favorable reaction: editorial suggestions and/or notes of omissions or redundancies would be highly appreciated. Please respond directly to the Archivist. This version of the Archive supplants and augments the original one, which featured snarky and sophomoric content in its helpful descriptions. The Archivist hopes that there is more gravitas and truthiness in the current set but, as advertised, will happily accommodate quibbles.

The Archive has a relatively long history, beginning in the 1970s before technology was up to it, perhaps arising in discussions with Charlie Lindsey (then a graduate student at UCSD). The first version of the Archive seems to have gone on-line in about 2006, noting the date given for Kopp & Pneuman, which surely must have been the first entry. This first version ceased growing in 2012, unfortunetely; a lengthy hiatus passed because the Archivist could not remember the password for the server hosting the material. This version was inspired by Glasgow graduate student Nicolina Chrysaphi and put on a firm technological footing by her and by Norman Gray, to whom the Archivist is very grateful indeed. Norman's day job involves general relativity and, for obscure reasons, his home page does not mention cartoons explicitly.