cesra-logo_002The Community of European Solar Radio Astronomers (CESRA) is an informal organization of European scientists to stimulate research of the outer solar atmosphere by means of radio waves and any other suitable diagnostics.  The aims of CESRA are to promote studies of the radio emission of the Sun and related topics including solar-like stars, to promote new instrumental developments, to facilitate contacts between observers using different tools (remote sensing from gamma-rays to radio waves, in situ measurements), to stimulate collaboration between observers and theoreticians, solar, heliospheric and stellar physicists, to encourage young scientists in the field of solar radio physics, and to maintain contacts with all groups in the field within Europe and other parts of the world.

RadioNet_Logo_1000Eu_logoRadio astronomical research in Europe is based on a suite of specialised radio telescopes that cover a range of wavelengths from decametres to sub-millimetres. Some radio telescopes are sensitive to low brightness emission from cold interstellar clouds, others have the unique capability to study the extremely bright emission from highly relativistic plasma in great detail. The variety of available angular resolutions, combined with state-of-the-art sensitivities have resulted in extremely versatile radio facilities.

The ambition of RadioNet3 is to foster European radio astronomy, and to shape the radio astronomical scene in Europe into a complete, innovative and accessible set of research facilities. Specifically, RadioNet3 provides a sustainable and broad-based platform for the continued organisation of the European radio astronomy community, which is essential for securing a lasting European leadership in all aspects of radio astronomy.