Theory and Modelling Resources Cookbook

The current version of the Theory and Modelling Resources Cookbook is SC/13.2-5, dated 2003 March 10.

Unfortunately, the cookbook is no longer actively maintained, since the demise of Starlink in 2005. The contents shouldn't become rapidly false, however (it still includes extensive discussion of Fortran, for heavens' sake!), so it should still be useful. If you have any comments, please get in touch with me, and I should be able to include them in the respository version at least.

Any updates to the cookbook will appear here.


The Starlink/RAL versions
...have disappeared.
SC/13.2-5: Theory and Modelling Resources Cookbook
Local version, to read online
Versions and supporting materials
HTML, PDF, examples tarball.

A number of people have contributed to this document, either with helpful general remarks or corrections or amplifications on points of detail. Where their contribution was precisely localisable -- in particular where I have merely sub-edited their comments into place -- they are also acknowledged at the appropriate specific points in the text.

2007 August 6