Past and Present PhD and MSc Students

Iain Hannah (PhD 2005) Numerical and analytical studies of dynamical chaos of charged particles in steady reconnecting X-type neutral points; analysis of RHESSI microflare statistics
Brian Hamilton (PhD 2006)
Joint with Culham Centre for Fusion Energy
Development of CUEBIT algorithm for fast simulation of charged particle trajectories; numerical studies of electron and proton acceleration in non-steady reconnection
Laura Bone (PhD 2007)
Joint with Prof. John Brown
Multiwavelength studies of signatures of fast particles in solar flares, using RHESSI, radio and EUV data
Jennifer Pollock (PhD 2007) Development of stochastic simulations of charged particle transport in collisional media, application to RHESSI data.
Robert McKay (PhD 2008)
joint with Culham Centre for Fusion Energy
Interfacing MHD and test-particle simulations of reconnection, numerical studies of electron and proton acceleration in non-steady reconnection
Colin Gill (MSc 2009) Using active contours for automated tracking of UV and EUV solar flare ribbons.
Hazel Bain (PhD 2010) RHESSI flare spectroscopy, observations and modeling of flare microwave emission.
Fatima Rubio da Costa (PhD 2010)
Joint with Osservatorio Astrofisica di Catania
UV and EUV flare observations, and related modelling.
Jingnan Guo (PhD 2010)
Joint with Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research
Studies of thermal and non-thermal electrons using RHESSI data, and test particle simulations of particle acceleration in fields derived from MHD simulations.
Fraser Watson (PhD 2012) Automated sunspot detection using mathematical morphology, sunspot evolution and relationship to flaring activity.
David Graham (PhD 2014) Hinode/EIS diagnostics during solar flares.
Graham Kerr Observations and modeling of solar flares in the optical.
Qingying Shu
(joint with School of Mathematics & Statistics, and School of Engineering
Spatio-Temporal Methodology for Space Weather Monitoring
Stephen Brown
Analysis of solar flares in Lyman lines and continuum with SDO/EVE
Peter Levens
joint with Dr. Nic Labrosse
Hinode/EIS and IRIS studies of prominences and flares.
Rhys Paterson Application of image processing techniques to detection of the solar UV network in AIA images
Juntao Wang Flare-related implosions with SDO
Andrew Rodger
Joint with Dr. Nic Labrosse
Modelling and Observations of filament and flare fine structure
Lauren Doyle EIS and EVE spectroscopy of solar flares