Echelle Data Reduction

This system provides documentation, help and news for astronomers using Starlink and other software for Echelle data reduction.

ECHOMOP is now being maintained by Norman Gray.

These pages are a reasonably straightforward copy of the substantial collection of documentation and help which Martin Clayton maintained at UCL; they will become more distinct as time goes on and more maintenance work is done on ECHOMOP. Please do let me know ( of broken links or out-of-date material.

The URL for these pages is That will redirect you here automatically, but it is this canonical URL which you should use when making links to these pages -- that way, your links will not break when and if these pages are next moved.

There is a mailing list for announcements and, possibly, discussion of Echomop. Go to the echomop-users info page to subscribe, unsubscribe, and read the list archive. I'll make a point of posting any version- or bug-related announcements to this list, on the assumption that they'll therefore get to everyone who's interested.

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ECHOMOP 3.3-7, 2002 November 12
ECHOMOP 3.3-6, 2002 July 16

2002 November 12