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2011 September 7

Finishing upAnd so it ends.

2011 February 28

The MRD-GW report is available – comments solicitedWe've been funded, for the last year or so, to study the way that ‘big science’ projects manage and distribute their data, and to make recommendations for how they should preserve this into the future. This has culminated in a report which describes the way this is managed now (it's rather different from the way it's managed in other areas), some of the case for data preservation, and an account of the practicalities and costs of managing data on this scale.

2010 December 20 (modified 2011 January 28)

The Benefits of Digital Preservation: an alternative viewJISC ran a 'benefits' workshop in Bristol last month, as part of its Managing Research Data programme. That was valuable, in the main (though the talk about TRAC was depressing in more ways than I have self-control to enumerate).

2010 March 30

The LV meetingWe're not long back from the LV meeting -- one of the LIGO-Virgo Collaboration's thrice-yearly all-hands meetings, this time in Arcadia, just outside LA. It seems to have been a success.

2010 January 21

Getting goingWe're getting started with the Managing Research Data project, and about to complete the various bits of JISC startup paperwork (this posting's appearance will warrant a tick on that list).