The MaRDI-Gross project – DMP Manual

The MaRDI-Gross project has now released its v1.0 manual, which is intended to act as an ‘intellectual toolkit’ for individuals who are developing a DMP plan for a large-scale project, but which should be of interest to others with large-scale data-management concerns.

The canonical version of the document is at arXiv, Or you can download an alternative version with nicer fonts and a couple of formatting tweaks, or (why not?) a US Letter version; each of these has identical content to the arXiv version, but with slightly different formatting and pagination.

The URL is a long-term URL for the report, and currently redirects to this page. Please use this URL to cite the report, rather than the URL of the page it redirects to.

Though the project has finished and we regard this version 1.0 as complete, we are open to the possibility of producing a revised version 1.1 at some point, and so we are still very receptive to comments on the document's content.

Suggested citation:

Juan Bicarregui, Norman Gray, Rob Henderson, Roger Jones, Simon Lambert, and Brian Matthews, DMP Planning for Big Science Projects (2012). Available online:

(you might replace the final URL by or arXiv:1208.3754v1 in those fields which prefer arXiv references).

Suggested BibTeX reference:

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See also:

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The citation details for these, plus some other presentations, are in the project bibliography.