Preliminary analysis of S3 injections
Matt Pitkin 20/12/03

I have so far heterodyned the data for all 10 injected pulsars in all 3 interferometers. On quick inspection the pulsars all appear to be as expected.


I have taken a closer look at PSR3 (108.85 Hz) and used the preliminary calibrations to calibrate the heterodyned data. The calibrations values I have used are:
  H1 L1
H0 1.2452567e+00 1.5166636e+00
phase H0 3.9314743e+00 -2.5521237e+00
C0 3.6400126e+18 1.0611251e+18
phase C0 2.1605276e+00 -9.9685237e-01
along with the alpha and beta values from and

Below are contour plots of the inferred parameters phi0, psi and cos iota (eps versions PSR3 H1, PSR3 L1).

Comparing the inferred values to those given by Graham on the S3 investigations page show some fairly major discrepancies.


Below are the contour plots for PSR4 (eps versions PSR4 H1, PSR3 L1).

Again there are some large discrepancies.