STFC Introductory Astronomy Summer School

STFC Summer School

Confirmed Speakers

Speakers confirmed for the Introductory Summer School:

  • Carlton Baugh (Durham), Galaxy Formation
  • Dave Clements (Imperial), The Herschel Mission
  • Monica Grady (Open University), Solar System Exploration
  • Norman Gray (Glasgow), Virtual Astronomy
  • Louise Harra (MSSL), Solar Terrestrial Physics
  • Jennifer Hatchell (Exeter), Star Formation and Evolution
  • Alan Heavens (Edinburgh), Astronomical Data Analysis
  • Catherine Heymans (Edinburgh), Observational Cosmology
  • Andrew Jaffe (Imperial), The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
  • Paul O'Brien (Leicester), The Gamma-ray Universe
  • Frazer Pearce (Nottingham), Cosmological N-Body Simulations
  • Don Pollacco (Queens, Belfast), Extra-Solar Planets
  • Sheila Rowan (Glasgow), Gravitational Wave Astronomy
  • Ben Stappers (Manchester), The Radio Universe
  • Nic Walton (Cambridge), The GAIA Mission
  • Alan Watson (Leeds), Astroparticle Physics
  • Gillian Wright (UK ATC), The James Webb Space Telescope