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Powers of 60 Exhibition

The diamond ring effect

A total Solar eclipse is one of the rarest and most beautiful astronomical events. For a few seconds, as bright light re-emerges from behind the Moon's obscuring disk, the Sun resembles a diamond ring, with the band of the ring formed by the faint glow from the hot gas in the Sun's corona - its ghostly, tenuous outer atmosphere.

Although the Sun and Moon appear almost exactly the same size from our perspective, the Sun is a much larger and much more distant body: about 150 million km from the Earth. Our first reliable measurement of this distance - which we call the astronomical unit - was provided by global observations of the 1769 Transit of Venus, an even rarer astronomical event whichalso occurred in June 2012, but won't be witnessed again until the year 2117.

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Image credit: David Cornfield, Massachussetts Institute of Technology