RHESSI/NESSI in Berkeley  -  Working Meeting on imaging spectroscopy

Berkeley, Nov 6-8

Monday 2PM: Discussion of schedule,Visibilities and Forward Fit

Hurford:  Intro visibilities, forward fit, pitfalls


Hannah:Statistical study of single source events (CLEAN+VIS FF+ MEM_NJIT)

Tuesday 9.30AM:

Saint-Hilaire:  IS of footpoints (CLEAN+VIS FF)

Xu/Emslie: Size/Location as function of E

Tuesday PM:  

McTiernan:  Thermal emission from footpoints

Vilmer/Krucker:IS using rear segment data

Holman: IS of the November 24 flare

Wednesday 9.30AM:

Piana/Massone/Prato: Electron flux maps

Young/Ireland:  Statistical Methods

Wednesday PM: open