RHESSI Glasgow Workshop – Team 1 Schedule

Wed AM
RHESSI software: Recent changes and future prospects (GH)
The new imaging-spectroscopy tools (RS)

Wed PM
The General Inversion Problem (AM & RS)
Current spectroscopy Issues (RS et al)
Schwartz – errors in pileup correction (RS)
Calibration issues
Separating thermal/nonthermal components (BRD)
Nuclear models (Ron Murphy?)
Electron precipitation background estimates (Kasparova)

Thurs AM
Current imaging issues (GH et al)
Implications of rate-based and local averaging
Improvements to grid calibration
Separating compact and extended sources (BRD)
Prospects for MEM and Forward Fit
Science – Vilmer 100-600 keV analyses (NV)

Thurs PM
Stacker and visibilities for imaging (GH & EJS?)
Future Priorities (RS et al)

Friday AM
Topics TBD

Friday PM

NOTE: Timing of sessions may be slipped and shifted to coordinate with activities of other groups.

Team 1 membership
Brian Dennis
Gordon Hurford
Joe Khan
Eduard Kontar
Sam Krucker
Alex McKinnon
Richard Schwartz
Nicole Vilmer