Dear Colleagues,                                                                                                            
You will be approached by the team leader to create a more detailed                                                       
list of problems/topics to discuss within the group. Once the programs of                                                   
the Teams are ready we will put it on the web to allow others see/attend                                                    
the activities in other groups.                                                                                             
Working Groups:                                                                                                             
1. FROM RAW DATA TO PHOTON DISTRIBUTIONS  (led by Richard Schwartz and                                                      
Gordon Hurford)                                                                                                       
2. FROM PHOTONS TO RADIATION SOURCE STRUCTURE  (led by Chris Johns-Krull)                                                   
3. FROM SITES OF RADIATION TO PARTICLE SOURCES (led by Hugh Hudson)                                                         
more information about group membership will shortly be found at                                                            
the workshop homepage                                                                                                       

A list of hotels in the University area with the prices                                                                     
per night is provided at                                                                                                                                                   
The prices are given with the university discount where applieble.                                                          
These are primarily small, family-run guest houses and bed+breakfasts,                                                      
where you can be sure of a hearty breakfast and a friendly welcome. The                                                     
businesses are all frequently used by visitors to the University, and most                                                  
have a special rate available if you mention that you are attending a                                                       
meeting at the University of Glasgow. Please, note that Hilton and                                                          
Sandyford Hotels do not offer the discount for the university.                                                              
Meeting registration fee:                                                                                                   
We will charge a small registration fee (around 20 GBP per person) to                                                       
cover the cost of coffee and refreshments, plus incidental expenses (such as                                                          
photocopying and other meeting support). This will be payable in cash                                                       
upon arrival.                                                                                                               
Conference dinner:                                                                                                          
We expect to organize a conference dinner on Thursday (March 31, 2005) to                                                   
commemorate Professor Peter Alan Sweet who recently passed away.  No                                                        
formal services are expected.                                                                                               
Best wishes,              

John Brown                                                                                                                  
Lyndsay Fletcher                                                                                                            
Joe Khan                                                                                                                    
Eduard Kontar                                                                                                               
Alec MacKinnon