Attendance will be restricted to around 25-35 to allow ample time for
focussed discussion, rather than spending the meeting entirely on
presentations. All interested individuals should therefore register
their interest, before March 1, by email to by
completing, cutting, and pasting the form below. A final selection of
attendees, and decisions on Team Leaders  will be made by mid-March
on the basis of the relevance of the contributions offered and overall meeting


NAME ________________________

Email __________________________

I am interested in the Scottish RHESSI NESSI Meeting June 2003: (yes/no)

My active contribution to the specific topic are of this meeting would be:
as follows (Brief Topic Title + summary in not more than 200 words)
which I see as fitting best in Team .....

If accepted, the likelihood of my being able to attend is:   %

So that we can refer you to sources of relevant information please

I am interested in making an eclipse trip       (yes/no)
I am interested in the BAP meeting              (yes/no)