The meeting will be held in the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Kelvin
Building, University of Glasgow  [founded 1451 -  past Professors include
Alexander Wilson (Wilson Effect), James Watt,  Lord Kelvin, and Peter
Sweet. (See detailed map here)

Ample internet access will be available via our terminals and for
participants' laptops though the main aim is personal scientific

The city of Glasgow offers excellent eating, drinking, art, music, sport
and science facilities (including the UK's best Planetarium in Glasgow Science Center
which opened Feb 2002) + outings to the nearby highlands, castles etc . May/June
offers very long daylight hours (> 56 degrees North), statistically the best
prospects of fine weather, and is pre-midge season. There will be a sunrise
annular solar eclipse on May 31 2003 in the Northern Mainland/Islands
- an area of megalitihic stone circles and other (astro-) archaeological artefacts
from > 4000 yrs ago.

For those with astro-education interests there will
be a meeting of the British Association of Planetarians (BAP) in Orkney
around the time of the eclipse. Orkney and Shetland can be reached by
ship from the north or by plane from Glasgow  - flights are pricey unless
you book early. The eclipse is also visible from the north mainland which
is a drive of at least 250 miles, some of it on windy and/or small though
beautiful roads - taking you past Loch Ness - NESSI's swimming pool
about 150 miles from Glasgow but she may be away for the eclipse then.

(NOTE - We will general advice in response to travel queries but
cannot get involved in bookings etc.)