Dear All,

Please find below some additional information for the RHESSI workshop in
Glasgow, June 4th-6th

Getting to the Kelvin Building
Most of you will hopefully be in hotels which are walking distance from
the University. The local area map linked from
shows the location of the University within the West End of Glasgow, but
to find your way around campus you will need the detailed map at

If you are travelling to the meeting from within the UK, we DO NOT
RECOMMEND that you come to the University by car, as parking around the
University is very restricted. If you do have to bring your car, please
let us know in advance so we can try and have a spot reserved for you on
campus (no guarantees, unfortunately). There is information on getting
here at

Start of meeting
The meeting starts on Wednesday 4th June at 9am in Lecture Room 257
(otherwise known as the Kelvin Lecture Theatre) of the Kelvin Building.
This will be signposted from the main foyer of the Kelvin Building. The
building, and the lecture theatre, will open from 8.30am. The first
plenary session (9-10) will provide an introduction to the meeting and
local information. Thereafter we will break up into 3 groups and follow
the timetable given at

The breakout and main rooms will be equipped with dataprojectors, overhead
projectors and whiteboards/blackboards. Please let us know if you
anticipate using anything else. REMEMBER, though your laptops will be able
to cope with local voltage and frequency, you will need an adaptor to
change to one of those unreasonably clunky UK 3-pin electrical plugs. We
do not follow the European standard system. So what's new. A picture of a
UK plug can be found on: about a third
of the way down the page.

Working Groups
It is the responsibility of the WG leaders to direct the programme for the
individual working groups. You should all have been contacted by your team
leader in this regard.

Coffee Breaks and Lunches
Scheduled coffee breaks will be held in the departmental common room,
which will be signposted. There are no plans for catered lunches, but
there are ample cafes, restaurants and sandwich bars in the area. We will
provide a list at the meeting.

Weather, Local Information and Contact Numbers
Be prepared for any kind of weather. March and April were fantastic with
temperatures in the high 70s, May has been a washout with rain and wind
every day but also brilliant sunshine sometimes. June is very often
gorgeous, but...we just don't know. So bring a sweater, a raincoat and a
bikini (or equivalent).

Your hotel will be able to assist you with finding local places to eat and
things to do, but there is some local information on the meeting web site
There is additional information on West End restaurants at

The national code for the UK is 44, and the Glasgow code is 141. Dialing
Glasgow from within the UK requires 0141.
Some useful contact numbers for during the day are:

John Brown:            0141 330 5182
Lyndsay Fletcher:   0141 330 5311
Eduard Kontar:       0141 330 2499
Daphne Davidson   0141 330 4152   (group secretary)

So, if you are coming a couple of days early, and feel a bit lonely, give
us a call!

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting

Lyndsay, Eduard and John