To use albedo correction:

1)      download  (4kb) and  (11Mb)

2)      Unzip


The file modified version to use with OSPEX (thanks to Kim Tolbert)  can be found here :  and

The difference is that now drm_correct_albedo does the work, and drm_albedo just calls it.                                      





To use albedo correction type inside SPEX:

SPEX>  drm_albedo,theta,anisotropy.

To reload old (uncorrected) DRM type




             theta (degrees) - heliocentric agngle of the flare (default is theta =45 degrees)

            anisotropy      - a coeficient showing the ratio of the flux in observer direction

                       to the flux downwards if anisotropy=1 (default) the source is isotropic


USES precomputed green functions from files green_compton_mu***.dat, where *** is cos(theta)




            drm          - detector response matrix per input photon/cm2 in cnts/cm2/keV with albedo correction  changes drm in SPEX



            None from 18-Nov-2004