Lublin RadioSun Workshop / Summer School 2014


The radio spectra from 1 GHz to 20 kHz for the 17th May 2013 Flare

The radio wavelengths are some of the best ways to probe physical processes that occur in the atmosphere of our Sun.  During solar flares, electrons are regularly accelerated to near-relativistic energies and can subsequently cause the entire radio spectrum from 10s GHz to 10s  kHz to light up in a spectacular fashion.  Different frequencies correspond to different physical mechanisms from synchrotron radiation to non-linear plasma emission.  By observing how the radio emission develops both in time and space and comparing with other wavelengths (UV, X-rays) we can deduce key parameters of particle acceleration, energy transport and plasma heating in the solar atmosphere.

Another important issue is the modulation of microwave bursts by the variation of the plasma parameters perturbed by MHD waves that are very sensitive to the magnetic field in the radio source.  Combined with the recent achievements in MHD wave theory, these modulations can provide the basis for the development and practical implementation of MHD diagnostics of the solar coronal plasma.




17 & 34 GHz Radio Contours (NoRH) over 1600 Å UV image (AIA) for the 9th March 2012 Flare

The aim of the RadioSun workshop and summer school 2014 is to bring together both experts and students who have an interest in the radio Sun.  In particular we will address the following areas:

  • MHD oscillations in solar flares.
  • Mechanisms for radio emission generation in solar flares.
  • Multi-wavelength studies of solar activity.
  • New solar radio instrumentation: LOFAR, CSRH, ALMA and the Upgraded SSRT.
  • Radiophysics of the quiet Sun.

The Lublin RadioSun workshop has been a success with many presentations being given on MHD waves, solar radio emission and related emission in other wavelengths.  Below is a photo of our participants.

Lublin RadioSun Photo

Photo of the Lublin RadioSun Workshop Particpants


Hamish Reid (SOC Chair), Kris Murawski (LOC Chair), Valery Nakariakov (PI of RadioSun)