The Many Colours of the Sun

At Glasgow we study the Sun by looking at many different wavelengths or “colours” of its light. We do this as we cannot directly see the magnetic fields that power the explosive bursts of energy in the Sun’s atmosphere, instead we look at the different (or multi-) wavelengths of light coming from the Sun, signatures of material heated to various temperatures or energised to different energies. We are working with data from telescopes both in space and on ground around the world, such as RHESSI, LOFAR and DKIST.

  • You can explore some of the latest multi-wavelength solar images online at, and
  • The EU F-CHROMA project lead by Glasgow has more information on solar flares
  • Some of the work by Glasgow solar physics recently appeared in a NASA press release, combining data from both Extreme Ultraviolet and different X-ray energies.
  • You can learn more about the Glasgow group’s outreach and public engagement activities here as well as in our news feed.