Dr. Iain G. Hannah

Office Phone: +44 141 330 6427
Office Address: Room 620, SUPA School of Physics & Astronomy, Kelvin Building, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8QQ, UK

I am a Royal Society University Research Fellow working in the Astronomy & Astrophysics Group at the SUPA School of Physics & Astronomy of the University of Glasgow. A brief c.v. is at the bottom of this page.

My research is focused on the physical processes behind the emission we observe in solar flares (or explosive bursts) in the Sun's atmosphere. I study this primarily through multi-wavelength observations (especially X-rays from RHESSI) combined with theory and numerical simulations. I am particularly interested in small active region flares (microflares and smaller) and also quiet sun emission. I am part of the team using NuSTAR to probe the X-ray emission from these weak events (press releases: first observations, full-sun mosaic).

You can find my publications on NASA/ADS or arXiv as well as listed below: refereed publications, conference publications and thesis. Have a look at my Researcher ID, my ORCID or my Google Scholar Citations.

Postgraduate Students: Paul Wright (First Supervisor, 2014), Juntao Wang (Second Supervisor, 2014), Konstantina Loumou (First Supervisor, 2015)

I've helped organise several meetings/summer schools and designed/run websites: NAM2010, UKSP, A&A Group, Flares150, SODAS, RHESSI11, ASSSP2011, and the RAS Discussion Meeting April 2013.

I engage in a variety of public outreach activities, especially giving talks (to local astronomy groups, science centres, cafe scientifique, skeptics etc) and I also organised the Glasgow event for the 2015 eclipse. See the A&A group outreach pages for more info.

My lecture notes can be found on moodle, some of my photos can be found on flickr or find me @sciigh.

Refereed Publications
  1. The first X-ray imaging spectroscopy of quiescent solar active regions with NuSTAR
    I. G. Hannah et al.
    ApJL (in prep) (2016)

  2. The first focused hard X-ray images of the sun with NuSTAR
    B. W. Grefenstette, L. Glesener, S. Krucker, H. S. Hudson, I. G. Hannah, D. M. Smith, J. K. Vogel, S. White, K. K. Madsen, A. J. Marsh, A. Caspi, B. Chen, A. Shih, M. Kuhar, S. E. Boggs, F. E. Christensen, W. W. Craig, K. Forster, C. J. Hailey, F. A. Harrison, H. Miyasaka, D. Stern, W. W. Zhang
    ApJ (submitted) (2016)

  3. Coronal response to an EUV wave from DEM analysis
    K. Vanninathan, A. M. Veronig, K. Dissauer, M. S. Madjarska, I. G. Hannah & E. P. Kontar
    ApJ 812 2 (2015) [arXiv link]

  4. Solar Sector Structure
    H. S. Hudson, L. Svalgaard and I. G. Hannah
    Space Sciences Reviews 186 1-4, 17-34 (2014)

  5. Hot Spine Loops and the Nature of a Late-Phase Solar Flare
    X. Sun, J. T. Hoeksema, Y. Liu, G. Aulanier, Y. Su, I. G. Hannah and R. A. Hock
    ApJ 778 139 (2013) [arXiv link]

  6. Multi-thermal dynamics and energetics of a coronal mass ejection in the low solar atmosphere
    I. G. Hannah and E. P. Kontar
    A&A 553 A10 (2013) [arXiv link] [software webpage]

  7. Flare ribbon energetics in the early phase of an SDO flare
    L. Fletcher, I. G. Hannah, H.S. Hudson and D.E. Innes
    ApJ 771 104 (2013)

  8. The emission measure distribution of impulsive phase flare footpoints
    D. R. Graham, I. G. Hannah, L. Fletcher and R. O. Milligan
    ApJ 767 83 (2013) [arXiv link]

  9. Effect of turbulent density fluctuations on wave-particle interactions and solar flare Xray spectra
    I. G. Hannah, E. P. Kontar and H. A. S. Reid
    A&A 550 A51 (2013) [arXiv link]

  10. Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability of the CME Reconnection Outflow Layer in the Low Corona
    C. Foullon, E. Verwichte, K. Nykyri, M. J. Aschwanden and I. G. Hannah
    ApJ 767 170 (2013)

  11. Differential Emission Measures from the Regularized Inversion of SDO and Hinode data
    I. G. Hannah and E. P. Kontar
    A&A 539 A146 (2012) [arXiv link][software webpage]

  12. Solar Particle Acceleration, Radiation and Kinetics (SPARK): a mission to understand the nature of particle acceleration
    S. Matthews, D. Williams, K. Klein, E. Kontar, D. Smith, S. Krucker, A. Lagg, G. Hurford, N. Vilmer, A. MacKinnon, V. Zharkova, L. Fletcher, I. G. Hannah, P. Browning, D. Innes, G. Trottet, C. Foullon, V. Nakariakov, L. Green, H. Lamoureux, C. Forsyth, D. Walton, M. Mathioudakis, A. Gandorfer, V. Martinez -Pillet, O. Limousin, E. Verwichte, S. Dalla, G. Mann, H. Aurass, T. Neukirch
    Experimental Astronomy 33 2-3 237-269 (2012)

  13. Microflares and the Statistics of X-ray Flares
    I. G. Hannah, H. S. Hudson, M. Battaglia, S. Christe, J. Kasparova, M. Kundu, S. Krucker, A. Veronig
    Space Sciences Reviews 159 1-4 233-300 (2011) [arXiv link]

  14. Hinode/EIS density diagnostics in the flaring solar chromosphere
    D. R. Graham, L. Fletcher, I. G. Hannah
    A&A 532 A27 (2011)

  15. Estimates of Densities and Filling Factors from a Cooling Time Analysis of Solar Microflares Observed with RHESSI
    R. N. Baylor, P. A. Cassak, S. Christe, I. G. Hannah, S. Krucker, D. J. Mullan, M. A. Shay, H. S. Hudson, and R. P. Lin
    ApJ 736 75 (2011) [arXiv link]

  16. Flaring Solar Hale Sector Boundaries
    L. Svalgaard, I. G. Hannah, H. S. Hudson
    ApJ 733 49 (2011) [arXiv link]

  17. The spectral difference between solar flare HXR coronal and footpoint sources due to wave-particle interactions.
    I. G. Hannah and E. P. Kontar
    A&A 529 A109 (2011) [arXiv link]

  18. Acceleration, magnetic fluctuations and cross-field transport of energetic electrons in a solar flare loop
    E. P. Kontar , I. G. Hannah, N. H. Bian
    ApJ 730 L22 (2011) [arXiv link]

  19. The influence of albedo on the size of hard X-ray flare sources
    M. Battaglia, E. P. Kontar and I. G. Hannah
    A&A 526, A3 (2011) [arXiv link]

  20. Constraining the hard X-ray properties of the quiet Sun with new RHESSI observations
    I. G. Hannah, H. S. Hudson, G. J. Hurford and R. P. Lin.
    ApJ 724 487-492 (2010) [arXiv link]

  21. From large-scale loops to the sites of dense flaring loops: preferential conditions for long-period pulsations in solar flares
    C. Foullon, L. Fletcher, I. G. Hannah, E. Verwichte, B. Cecconi, V. M. Nakariakov, K. J. H. Phillips, B. L. Tan
    ApJ 719, 151-165 (2010)

  22. Sub-Arcsecond Structure of Solar Flare Hard X-ray Footpoints
    E. P. Kontar, I. G. Hannah, N. L. Jeffery, M. Battaglia
    ApJ 717, 250-256 (2010) [arXiv link]

  23. The effect of wave-particle interactions on low energy cutoffs in solar flare electron spectra
    I. G. Hannah, E. P. Kontar, O. K. Sirenko
    ApJ 707, L45-L50 (2009) [arXiv link]

  24. Magnetic flux cancellation associated with a recurring solar jet observed Hinode, RHESSI and STEREO/EUVI
    C. Chifor, H. Isobe, H. E. Mason, I. G. Hannah, P. R. Young, G. Del Zanna, S. Krucker, K. Ichimoto, Y. Katsukawa and T. Yokoyama
    A&A 491, 279-288 (2008) [pdf preprint]

  25. Chromospheric magnetic field & density structure measurements using hard X-rays in a flaring coronal loop
    E. P. Kontar, I. G. Hannah and A. L. MacKinnon
    A&A 489, L57-L60 (2008) [arXiv link]

  26. RHESSI Microflare Statistics II: X-ray Imaging, Spectroscopy & Energy Distributions
    I. G. Hannah, S. Christe, S. Krucker, G. J. Hurford, H. S. Hudson and R. P. Lin
    ApJ 677, 704-718 (2008) [arXiv link]

  27. RHESSI Microflare Statistics I: Flare-finding & Frequency Distributions
    S. Christe, I. G. Hannah,S. Krucker, J. McTiernan and R. P. Lin
    ApJ 677 1385-1394 (2008) [pdf pre-print]

  28. An Intriguing Solar Microflare Observed with RHESSI, Hinode and TRACE
    I. G. Hannah, S. Krucker, H. S. Hudson, S. Christe and R. P. Lin
    A&A 481 L45-L48 (2008) [arXiv link]

  29. Coronal Jet Observed by Hinode as the source of a 3He-rich SEP Event
    N. V. Nitta, G. M. Mason, M. E. Wiedenbeck, C. M. S. Cohen, S. Krucker, I. G. Hannah, M. Shimojo, and K. Shibata
    ApJL 675 L125 (2008) [pdf pre-print]

  30. RHESSI and Hinode X-Ray Observations of a Partially Occulted Solar Flare
    S. Krucker, I. G. Hannah, R. P. Lin
    ApJL 671 L193 (2007)

  31. First limits on the 3-200 keV X-ray spectrum of the quiet Sun using RHESSI
    I. G. Hannah, G. J. Hurford, H. S. Hudson, R. P. Lin and K. van Bibber
    ApJL 659, L77 (2007) [arXiv link]

  32. A TRACE White Light and RHESSI Hard X-Ray Study of Flare Energetics
    L. Fletcher, I. G. Hannah, H. S. Hudson and T. R. Metcalf
    ApJ 656, 1187-1196 (2007)

  33. A new method of observing weak extended X-ray sources with RHESSI
    I. G. Hannah, G. J. Hurford, H. S. Hudson and R. P. Lin
    Review of Scientific Instruments 78, 024501 (2007) [arXiv link]

  34. Comparison of the Energy Spectra and Number Fluxes from a Simple Flare Model to Observations.
    I. G. Hannah and L. Fletcher
    Solar Physics, 236, 59-74 (2006) [post-print link]

Conference Proceedings Papers
  1. X-ray Searches for Solar Axions
    H. S. Hudson, L. W. Acton, E DeLuca, I. G. Hannah, K. Reardon, and K. van Bibber
    4th Hinode Science Meeting (2012)

  2. Microflares with RHESSI and Hinode/XRT
    I. G. Hannah, S. Krucker, S. Christe, H. S. Hudson and R. P. Lin
    1st Hinode Results Meeting, Dublin, Ireland, ASPC 397 (2008)

  3. Active Region Microflares From Hinode and RHESSI
    C. Chifor, I. G. Hannah, H. E. Mason, H. Isobe, T. Yokoyama, P. R. Young, and D. Tripathi
    1st Hinode Results Meeting, Dublin, Ireland, ASPC 397 (2008)

  4. Physical Conditions in Coronal Structures About to Flare
    H. S. Hudson, I. G. Hannah, E. E. DeLuca, and M. Weber
    1st Hinode Results Meeting, Dublin, Ireland, ASPC 397 (2008)

  5. Energy Deposition in White Light Flares with TRACE and RHESSI
    L. Fletcher, I. G. Hannah, H. S. Hudson, T. R. Metcalf
    The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas (2007), Coimbra, Portugal

  6. RHESSI Microflare Statistics
    I. G. Hannah, S. Christe, S. Krucker, H. S. Hudson, L. Fletcher and M. A. Hendry.
    SOHO 15 Meeting (2004), St. Andrews, Scotland, UK

  7. Chaotic dynamics and collisionless reconnection at an X-type neutral point
    I. G. Hannah, L. Fletcher & M. A. Hendry
    European Solar Physics Meeting: SPM10 (2002), Prague, Czech Republic

Education &
Work History

Royal Society University Research Fellow 10/2013 to present

University of Glasgow Leadership Fellow 10/2013 to present

University of Glasgow, UK
Astronomy & Astrophysics Group, School of Physics & Astronomy.

Awarded RAS Fowler (G) Prize 2013

Royal Astronomical Society.

Research Associate 05/2008 to 09/2013

University of Glasgow, UK
Astronomy & Astrophysics Group, School of Physics & Astronomy.

Post-Doctoral Researcher05/2005 to 05/2008

University of California, Berkeley, USA
Space Physics Research Group, Space Sciences Lab.

PhD in Solar Physics 10/2001 to 05/2005

Particle Heating and Acceleration in Solar Flares:
Energisation at a Reconnecting X-point and RHESSI Microflare Observations

University of Glasgow, UK
Astronomy & Astrophysics Group, School of Physics & Astronomy.

Awarded Hunter and Thomson Prizes for PhD work 2003,2004

University of Glasgow: Hunter and Thomson.

MSci (Hons) in Physics and Astronomy 10/1997 to 06/2001

University of Glasgow, UK

Awarded RSE Cormack Prize for Summer Project 2000

Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Professional Affiliations

International Astronomical Union (IAU): Member;
Institute of Physics (IoP): Member (MInstP);
Royal Astronomical Society (RAS): Fellow (FRAS);
Solar Physics Division/American Astronomical Society (SPD/AAS): Member;
American Geophysical Union (AGU): Member;
European Physical Society (EPS), Solar Physics Division: Member;
UK Solar Physics (UKSP) Council Member (2009-2012, 2013).

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