Configurations for IDL, SSW, etc 

To set-up SSW, IDL, FORTRAN and a number of other useful things,
you need to set up a number of system variables for your linux account.

1) Create a new file called .cshrc or download from here and rename to .cshrc
in you home directory

2) Start tcsh  (or better set it as your default shell). you will see that SSW sees the packages:


3) To start ssw, just type start_ssw, and you should see

/aldernatively you can start start_sswde/

Now with IDL environment, you can use any SSW routines.

To check your installation open RHESSI GUI

IDL> hessi

To add new instrument (e.g. Nancay which is a part of radio package):

IDL> setssw_windows, /nrh

* Following instruments selected:


* Mission level setup files

* Instrument level setup files

* Personal startup files