Predictions for the second round of the ERCC pool stages.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Glasgow Warriors87.1% 9.9%Leicester Tigers9
Glasgow Warriors92.6% 5.4%Munster Rugby8
Glasgow Warriors83.8% 12.6%Racing 927
Leicester Tigers84.0% 12.4%Glasgow Warriors7
Leicester Tigers91.1% 6.7%Munster Rugby9
Leicester Tigers82.1% 14.1%Racing 927
Munster Rugby76.6% 18.7%Glasgow Warriors5
Munster Rugby78.5% 17.4%Leicester Tigers5
Munster Rugby74.0% 21.4%Racing 924
Racing 9287.3% 9.7%Glasgow Warriors7
Racing 9289.0% 8.4%Leicester Tigers7
Racing 9293.3% 5.0%Munster Rugby10
London Wasps99.9% 0.0%Connacht24
London Wasps97.8% 1.5%Toulouse12
London Wasps100.0% 0.0%Zebre49
Connacht18.4% 77.7%London Wasps-6
Connacht52.0% 41.6%Toulouse0
Connacht100.0% 0.0%Zebre27
Toulouse58.6% 35.9%London Wasps2
Toulouse98.1% 1.4%Connacht14
Toulouse100.0% 0.0%Zebre34
Zebre0.0% 100.0%London Wasps-29
Zebre4.7% 93.5%Connacht-11
Zebre0.5% 99.3%Toulouse-15
Scarlets7.7% 89.6%Saracens-9
Scarlets19.4% 75.9%Toulon-4
Scarlets67.2% 27.3%Sale Sharks4
Saracens100.0% 0.0%Scarlets24
Saracens96.0% 2.8%Toulon13
Saracens99.9% 0.1%Sale Sharks21
Toulon99.9% 0.1%Scarlets21
Toulon68.0% 26.8%Saracens3
Toulon99.3% 0.5%Sale Sharks17
Sale Sharks95.5% 3.1%Scarlets11
Sale Sharks20.8% 74.5%Saracens-6
Sale Sharks41.5% 52.3%Toulon0
Leinster93.4% 4.7%Castres Olympique9
Leinster66.2% 27.6%Northampton Saints1
Leinster83.9% 12.5%Montpellier5
Castres Olympique72.7% 22.1%Leinster3
Castres Olympique49.4% 44.3%Northampton Saints1
Castres Olympique71.2% 24.0%Montpellier7
Northampton Saints94.9% 3.7%Leinster10
Northampton Saints98.6% 0.9%Castres Olympique14
Northampton Saints94.6% 3.8%Montpellier10
Montpellier87.1% 10.0%Leinster7
Montpellier95.2% 3.4%Castres Olympique11
Montpellier68.8% 25.6%Northampton Saints4
Clermont97.8% 1.5%Ulster Rugby12
Clermont98.5% 1.1%Bordeaux Bègles14
Clermont89.1% 8.4%Exeter Chiefs8
Ulster Rugby54.3% 39.5%Clermont1
Ulster Rugby86.5% 10.4%Bordeaux Bègles7
Ulster Rugby58.9% 35.4%Exeter Chiefs2
Bordeaux Bègles53.5% 40.8%Clermont1
Bordeaux Bègles85.2% 11.4%Ulster Rugby7
Bordeaux Bègles56.8% 37.5%Exeter Chiefs1
Exeter Chiefs84.1% 12.6%Clermont7
Exeter Chiefs97.4% 1.9%Ulster Rugby14
Exeter Chiefs98.5% 1.1%Bordeaux Bègles14